Seiling, Oklahoma

Trenchless Manhole Rehabilitation

“CBET did excellent work! They turned old, deteriorated manholes into better than new. The quality of work is tremendous, we now have ZERO stoppages.”
Syler Sander, Town Administrator, Seiling, OK

Issue: 20 very old brick, sanitary sewer manholes, on residential streets corroded due to infiltration

Solution: In just four days, CBET provided a cost-effective solution of repair - in lieu of excavating the sidewalks and roads - of this the town of Seiling. Mortar was applied first, followed by epoxy repair.

Knoxville, TN

Trenchless Horizontal Pipelining

“CBET worked professionally, safely, and diligently to deliver a fantastic product that the owner was more than satisfied with.”
Drew Matthews, Project Manager, Gulf Coast Underground.

General Contractor: Gulf Coast Underground (GCU)

Issue: Housing developer concerned about the 72” and 54” diameter, 20 ft deep CMP on the property they were developing. The 72” line was over 2,000 ft long from access to access point, although the property line ended approximately 630’ from the upstream access point. One option was to create a new access point at the right of way, but with the pipe run being 20’ deep at that location, it wasn’t ideal.

Solution: Sam Hunt, with CBET Restoration was confident they could spin cast the existing line from one access point for the 630 ft, distance. The cost effective solution used specially formulated storm sewer lining mortar material, 1 inch thick to enhance the structural integrity of the pipe and add longevity, instead of replacing the pipe.

Process: CBET mobilized, removed several boulders and then pulled in concrete pump hoses filling in voids in the bottom as they went along. Next, CBET began spin casting material 1” thick to give the pipe added structural stability and corrosion resistance, using a specialized pump and a specially-skilled operator! Materials were in 3,200 lb. super sacks, emptying into a silo for easy conveyance to the mixer, then pump. Upon completion of the 72” run, it was the same process for lining off the 54” drain, with the exception of having access at both ends of the 510’ pipe run.

CBET delivered the project in two weeks from initial mobilization.

Whitestown, Indianna

Leak in External Drop Manhole

“We are very happy with the work of CBET Restoration. We had a leak that had been losing water for years, and in 10 to 15 minutes it was fixed. Very happy with their work, very professional team.”
Rick Umbanhowar, Collections Superintendent, Whitestown, IN

Issue: Increased flow of millions of gallons of wastewater influent to the sewer treatment plant due to a leak shooting across the manhole from the outside drop.

Solution: Injection grouting of external drop manhole